The Senior Internship

Make the world your office!

Have you spent most of your young life sunbathing on eco-friendly decks? Are you over 60 years of age and love to travel? Or do you know someone who does?
Luxury Escapes is looking for our first Senior Intern. The successful applicant will be trained in social media, blogging, vlogging and hotel reviewing before embarking on an all-expenses-paid holiday to Bali, during which you will use your newly learnt skills.

The Senior Internship involves:

  • 2 days of training at Luxury Escapes headquarters
  • 10 days of luxury at three different Bali resorts chosen by Luxury Escapes
  • All meals, airport transfers & $100 daily allowance included
  • You’ll also experience and review spa treatments, poolside cocktails and day excursions

Apply or nominate before May 10. Training and travel to take place in June

Enter now, or nominate someone you think is perfect for this exciting opportunity!

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